Cut Out Lettering

Cut Out Lettering

Cut out letters are a very upmarket signage medium for any companies brand. They are individual stand alone letters or logos that are cut from aluminium, Perspex or ACM (Aluminium Composite Material).

These letters can be spray painted to corporate specification and can be mounted flat to a surface area or on pins raised away from the surface area.

It is recommended that any letters smaller the 60mm be mounted flat to the surface area as the appearance of these letters are greatly enhanced still giving a slightly raised look by the thickness of the material.

If you are doing a DIY installation, we provide a stencil along with the letters to ensure that you are able to install them straight on your surface area.

If mounted flat, we recommend a very strong 3M double sided tape or silicone. Letters that have pins behind them for mounting away from the surface, require you to drill into the surface area to install.

The most common thickness of the material used is 2mm on Aluminium, 3mm on Perspex, and normally a 12mm on wood.

To determine the size of lettering you require, we would need the size of the surface these letters will be mounted too. We are then able to import your requirements into our design programme to determine the most suitable size for your design.

Information we will require if we install your letters

  • Is the surface flat or smooth?
  • Is the surface a dry wall or concrete wall?
  • Are we mounting on stone or tiles?

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