Floor Decals Preprinted Covid 19

R 49.50

Full-colour high-resolution digital print on removable self-adhesive vinyl and laminated with a durable Anti Slip 200 Micron Floor Lamination and machine trim to size.

  • assembled: 800 (w) x 80 (h)
  • print media: removable self-adhesive vinyl
    • 120gsm
  • lamination media weight: 200 micron


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Full-colour high-resolution digital print on removable self-adhesive vinyl and laminated with a durable Anti Slip 200 Micron Floor Lamination and machine trim to size.

  • assembled: 800 (w) x 80 (h)
  • print media: removable self-adhesive vinyl
    • 120gsm
  • lamination media weight: 200 micron

Floor Graphics application can be used in retail, office and home environments. A single image can be printed across an entire floor area, or a repeated pattern can be used based on the objective of the floor print. Floor Graphics are suitable for indoor use. The printed vinyl graphic has a thick lamination making it scratch resistant. The vinyl is also easily cleaned with soap and water.

Standard sizes are available but custom sizes will be manufactured on request.

We recommend ordering floor decals with lamination to ensure you get a longer use out of the product

Custom floor graphics make anything possible when it comes to flooring. Print floor graphics to complete the unique look of your living area or promote your business in a fun and creative way.

Floor graphic involve designing and creating an image with digital software, and then printing the graphic image. This graphic image can be printed to fit any shape and size the client desires, and can be made three-dimensionally if required.. Custom floor graphics have been a monumental success for businesses who have used it for their promotional events and marketing campaigns.

Stretched canvas prints have become a popular trend in décor. They come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and words. Images printed on canvas make a bold and lasting impression. Canvas prints reflect light a lot differently to a photograph and will certainly leave a positive impression on the viewer of the specific image.

Canvas printing caters to holiday snaps, old family photos, graphic designs, inspirational quotes, your children’s artwork and much more. In a nutshell, we take your precious memories and print them onto  high quality and durable canvas.

Get your canvas printing professionally reproduced with exceptional quality and precision by making use of our canvas printing service. Not only do we use, top of the range premium canvas with vivid colours and smooth gradients, we also create that high quality canvas print that enhances your home or office.


  • The size of canvas printing really depends on the quality of your artwork. High resolution pictures can be blown up quite large, but it is best to consult us regarding the sizes on offer. We however limited to the width of the canvas material.
  • Canvas can be stretched over a 30 mm or 50 mm thick wooden frame

For the Geeks:

What’s the difference between rolled and stretched canvas?

A rolled canvas print is one that is simply a print provided on a piece of canvas, which is then rolled up. There is no stretching or framing required on the printers part and this type of canvas print is typically cheaper than other option whereas stretched canvas prints are typically stretched over a wooden frame giving it a neat and boxy appearance. This is the most common type of canvas printing and once it is supplied from the printer, it is ready to mount on the wall

    Custom wallpaper has grown in popularity for both residential and commercial interiors. Wallpaper carries the potential to enliven and transform any interior space, be it a subtle backdrop, a gentle accent or a striking focal point. Combining the most advanced large-format wallpaper printers, together with highly experienced wallpaper printing specialists, we are able to deliver unrivaled printing solutions in this regard.

    Standard sizes are available for order online, but please contact us for customised solutions.



    • Wide range of finishes and textures
    • Use of cutting-edge uv or latex inks to produce environmentally friendly wallpapers .
    • Different textures available for various applications
    • Wallpapers are printed to your size specifications.
    • Wallpaper is durable and easily applied.

    Wallpaper is printed in panels as the media width is 1.3m and the overlapped on installation for the print to align.

    More for the Geeks:

    • Wallpaper is a nonwoven (paper) or woven (fabric) backing, decoratively printed for application to walls of a residence or business. Wallpaper is not considered essential to the decoration of a structure; however, it has become a primary method by which to impart style, atmosphere, or color into a room.
    • The wallpaper industry divides the manufacture of wallpaper into those used in residences and those hung in businesses or other public buildings. The two categories of paper differ in weight, serviceability, and quality standards. Residential-use wallpapers are made from various materials and can be purchased prepasted or unpasted. There are no mandated serviceability tests for residential papers. The commercial-grade wallpapers are divided into categories based on weight, backing composition, and laminate/coating thickness. All commercial-use wallpapers must have a vinyl surface and pass rigorous physical and visual tests as mandated by the Chemical Fabrics and Film Association.
    • Raw Materials: Wallpaper consists of a backing, ground coat, applied ink, and sometimes paste on the backing used to adhere the paper to the wall. Non-woven backings can be of ground wood, wood pulp, or wood pulp with synthetic material. Woven backings are those made of sturdy woven textiles such as drill (heavy woven cotton much like jean material). The woven backing is then coated and printed.


    Contravision, (also known as Perforated Window Films) allows for the easy production of one-way or backlit see-through graphics with various transparency levels. They can be applied to both the inside, as well as the outside of a window.

    Contravision is used to get a brand statement or message across to the target audience hence it is ideal for shop windows, retail stores, mobile billboards, specific product promotions, as well as for car branding.


    • Full colour print on the one side and a barely visible grey on the other side.
    • Large logo’s and bigger text recommended for ease of reading

    Please note that passers by can still see into the space where the contravision is applied and this is more visible when there are lights on behind the print.

    Benefits of using perforated one way vision vinyl films:

    • New media space: It creates new, innovative media space without obstructing the view. It also creates new business and advertising opportunities that are not available with conventional opaque signage.
    • Security/safety: The film can be used on the windows of emergency, utility and delivery vehicles, banks and other financial institutions, airports – on virtually any glass door or window where visibility is important for safety and security.
    • Heat and glare control: Perforated One Way Vision film reduces heat and glare from the sun, making it ideal for commercial and residential buildings, retail stores, museums, etc.


    • Graphics printed on perforated window films tend to look less vibrant than those printed on solid vinyl because up to 50% of the window vinyl is missing due to the perforation process.


    Online Prices exclude installation

    Existing structures are a great way to brand at a fraction of the price of billboards. Utilising your shops windows, for instance is a great way to grab your clients attention and show case your business.

    • There are a couple of methods that can be used to decorate your windows.

      Etch glass or frosting, gives a very sophisticated look and is often used in a corporate environment. This material can be used internally and externally. Please note that the external material differs from the internal material in longevity and price.

      The most vibrant display of graphics is printed on white vinyl. This is applied to the window and can also act as a security measure, as no-one can see into your premises or outside.

      If you want to be able to view your surroundings whilst in your premises, we recommend contravision. This can be viewed from external and acts as a perforated tint from the inside.

      Contact us for the best advise when it comes to decorating you windows.

    Additional information