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Stretched canvas prints have become a popular trend in décor. They come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and words. Images printed on canvas make a bold and lasting impression. Canvas prints reflect light a lot differently to a photograph and will certainly leave a positive impression on the viewer of the specific image.

Canvas printing caters to holiday snaps, old family photos, graphic designs, inspirational quotes, your children’s artwork and much more. In a nutshell, we take your precious memories and print them onto  high quality and durable canvas.

Get your canvas printing professionally reproduced with exceptional quality and precision by making use of our canvas printing service. Not only do we use, top of the range premium canvas with vivid colours and smooth gradients, we also create that high quality canvas print that enhances your home or office.


  • The size of canvas printing really depends on the quality of your artwork. High resolution pictures can be blown up quite large, but it is best to consult us regarding the sizes on offer. We however limited to the width of the canvas material.
  • Canvas can be stretched over a 30 mm or 50 mm thick wooden frame

For the Geeks:

What’s the difference between rolled and stretched canvas?

A rolled canvas print is one that is simply a print provided on a piece of canvas, which is then rolled up. There is no stretching or framing required on the printers part and this type of canvas print is typically cheaper than other option whereas stretched canvas prints are typically stretched over a wooden frame giving it a neat and boxy appearance. This is the most common type of canvas printing and once it is supplied from the printer, it is ready to mount on the wall


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