We are well into 2018 and i hope that all businesses have not only planned how they are going to market their business, but are already implementing the plan.

Most businesses have a plan but its very general and its time you drill down to specifics.

So the first thing we do is set our sales goals for the year. I want to sell R10 million, we determine our costs that are associated with the sales we wish to bring in, and that is where our planning stops.  Very few people break down their sales goal into bite size pieces.

There is some research to be completed to get the ball rolling to ensure 2018 is a successful one

Step 1 – What was your sales for last year?

Step 2 – Who were your customers?

Step 3 – Where did these customers come from? ie – referrals, Social Media, Google PPC etc

Step 4 – Who are your top 20 clients that give you business?

From there, we can obviously set our monthly sales goal from our previous years sales

But then, what do we do.. wait for the business to come in..NO NO NO

Look at step 2 – step 4.

How did you get your business last year. My major business came from Referrals through client and Friends, BNI Networking and Google PPC.

So now that i know where my business is coming from and how much, what do i do to increase business flow from those areas.

On google ppc, i can increase my marketing spend. More leads my way, more opportunities to close the sale.

I get alot of client referrals, which i don’t ask for. What would happen if every time i popped in at one of my top 20 clients, or any client for that matter, and asked them if they know anyone looking for branding?

Some of my friends know what i do – hence the referrals, but most don’t have an idea – How about i educate my friends on what i do, and offer a finders fee or commission on jobs they bring to the table.

Do you see where i am going with this? Its not rocket science. ITS EASY

Okay, so i have thought out how i can increase business from these areas. What do i do next?

Well, i right out a list of action steps i need to take action on my ideas. Firstly, i need to create 2 google Ads and start running them with an increased budget. Secondly, i need to setup my call sheet for the next 3 months on when i will be visiting my clients so i can engage them in conversation, educate them on my product offering and ask for referrals.. And thats how i start actioning my GOALS.

These ACTION steps never stop once i am done implementing them. You always need to Test and Measure, to see that its working, and tweek where necessary. Its a daily or weekly activity.

Set an hour or two aside a week, revise and implement your steps, and before you know it, 2018 will be done and dusted and you would have superseded your Goals

GOOD LUCK for 2018