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6 Reasons why you need a social media strategy

 1. The social web is still growing fast

Creating a targeted social media strategy will help you focus on using relevant platforms to connect with existing and new customers and avoid simply adding to the noise. Do not miss the wave..

2. People look online before making purchasing

Nearly half (46%) of social media users are already using social platforms while thinking about making a purchase. 40% of users are actively deciding what to buy based on what they have seen on social media platforms, including reviews and recommendations, and this is only set to grow.

3. You must have a strategy and focus online – competitors do

With a strategy and a framework you can plan, prioritise, execute, measure and optimise your marketing through social media. This typically will lead to better results because the activity has direction, even if the direction needs to evolve and change as the marketer learns from real data.

4. Your customers are very active on social media and its growing FAST

Facebook is now used by a quarter of all South Africans, while Instagram has seen the fastest growth of any social network in South Africa over the past year.

Facebook has grown by 8 per cent, from 12-million to 13-million, and Twitter by 12 per cent, from 6,6-million to 7,4-million users.

Video sharing platform YouTube increased its user base marginally more, with a 15 per cent rise from 7,2-million to 8,28-million users.

The biggest growth has come from Instagram, which rose a massive 133 per cent, from 1,1- million to 2,68-million.

2016 Study by Worldwideworks

5. There are key influencers in every social network

Don’t underestimate the power of peer and/or influencer recommendation.

For years retailers have known that customer ratings and reviews can increase conversion rates through the power of peer influence; feedback from another customer is typically seen as trustworthy. Expert endorsement also increases brand credibility

6. Reputations can be enhanced or destroyed on social networks

There are good things that we can attribute to social media, primarily in terms of providing a voice to people and groups who previously struggled to be heard and of making information transparent and portable. However, it also amplifies the voice of discontent and vitriol is not uncommon and you need to be active on Social Media to address all the responses.


Website Design and Development

Your website should be an extension of your BRAND and compliment everything you stand for as a company.

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